Boost Fertility Qi with Feng Shui

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Dear Goddess,


Let's talk about getting pregnant...


...because I believe there's something you will read here that might fill in some of the missing pieces of the puzzle that you feel you have in your fertility journey thus far. 


Many women who are struggling to get pregnant know only too well the emotional roller coaster of trying to get pregnant, and once you’re pregnant, to maintain that pregnancy all the way to a baby in your arms. 


Maybe this is you right now...I know that was me a few years ago. 


However, I managed to see my fertility struggles as a push for me to find spiritual answers to why I’ve been put on that path. 


There are times when you feel like you hit a brick wall.


So you are forced to figure out how are you going to get past it...


You can break it, climb over it, go around it...


You find the solution and you keep going...


Just to find the same wall somewhere down the line.

And you might end up questioning yourself wondering: "What's wrong with me?"


This was me not so long ago...


...and if this is you right now...


...I understand what you are going through.


Sixteen years ago, I really struggled. I got married at 23 and when I was 25 my husband and I decided we’re ready to start our family.

At first it was all giggles and fun. As the months passed, all the tracking and the scheduling made the ‘baby dance’ less and less exciting. In fact, it got more and more nerve-wracking. 


After a year and a half of failure after failure every month, with tests showing us healthy and young and having no medical issues that could thwart pregnancy, I was at the end of my rope, when it hit me:


"I waste so much time and energy trying to figure out if there’s something medically wrong with me or my husband… We’re both young and healthy and the docs say it’s simply ‘unexplained infertility. What is it that I’m missing…?”


Having been on the spiritual and self-development path since I was 15, I took a deep breath and stepped back from the tunnel vision I was having in my fertility journey.

It was during a meditation that it came to me : Then and there I realized the answer lies within working ENERGETICALLY to activating and magnetizing a baby into our lives with holistic methods!

Sounds woo-woo and VERY out there, I know, but I set about doing what I know to boost our chances for a successful pregnancy and this includes feng shui, deep energy healing work, and working on my fertility mindset.

2 months later, after a year and a half of struggling, we got pregnant with our first child. She's now a 14-year old and taller than me!

When we struggled with conceiving our second baby, I did all the same tools that I did and MORE. And now our second baby is 6 years old. 

Having had these results myself, I’ve shared them on an unofficial capacity with my other feng shui clients who were also struggling to conceive.

13 couples later, I managed to help guide into the world 9 feng shui babies. That’s a 69% success rate for LIVE BIRTHS.

Because of that I realized ONE thing:


When it comes to being able to not only GET pregnant, but to also successfully keep that pregnancy to full term, you need to have a holistic fertility plan in place. And break that plan into a few crucial (yet easy to follow) steps. 

What more, m
ost struggling couples are not aware that feng shui can support them in their fertility journey. 


Like I used to, you may be led to believe that the journey of conception is all about the body, the egg and the sperm.

Not true.

There’s just so much more than just AMH, FSH or whatever other acronyms your doctor throws at you.

I’m not saying that you forego assisted reproductive therapies altogether, but there’s definitely so much more in managing a pregnancy successfully than what doctors are even remotely aware of.

I’m saying that there’s definitely room for complimentary approaches here. 


You may know where this is headed:


My goal was simple: help of as many couples struggling in their fertility journey just like you hold success in your arms ( in the form of a healthy gurgling baby ). 


This starts with your first baby step with me ( pun intended ) in my mini workshop. 


… This mini workshop is meant to do ONE THING:


Guide you with the ONE simple yet POWERFUL thing you can do to start activating fertility - placing the right fertility activators with the ancient wisdom of feng shui!


The program would have to be a simple step-by-step instruction so even a feng shui newbie can implement this easily.


It would have to be effectively presented in digestible 2-hour trainings , and fit into your busy schedule…


...but it would have to have TRANSFORMATIONAL results…


This became known as...




Boost Fertility Qi With Feng Shui

Get In Today For Only 1 payment of USD39 ( value of USD699 )



Join us for THREE separate 2-hour sessions


  1. Learn how to use Flying Star Feng Shui to tap into the most fertile energy in your home with the right feng shui activators ( value of USD688 ). You don't have to spend 5 figures and more than a decade to study feng shui the way I did to know where you can maximize fertility energy in your home. I'll do all the calculations for you!

  2. Bonus session 1 : Heal yourself from the most traumatic memory in your fertility journey ( pregnancy loss, traumatic surgeries / procedures etc ) in just 30 minutes. Yes. 30 minutes. You don't need to sit in talk therapy for hours on end only to rehash the same emotional / mental trauma over and over again. You can choose the one single biggest traumatic memory and we will obliterate it in one session. 

  3. BONUS session 2 : Learn why a holistic approach is THE BEST WAY to increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you've read this far, you probably know deep inside that there's more to getting pregnant than just pills and lab results.  

Boost Fertility Qi With Feng Shui

Get In Today For Only 1 payment of USD39 ( value of USD699 )

Here are some raves, breakthroughs and healings from my previous fertility event ( note : the content in this upcoming mini workshop is slightly different but you'll have breakthroughs and healings nonetheless! )

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My name is Safrina Kadri.


I am a classically-trained feng shui consultant and is a 5th-generation disciple of the Tan Yan Wu School of Feng Shui.


Having completed the Master Programme for Xuan Kong Feng Shui, Master Programme for Bazi, Master Programme for Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection as well as Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui and Xuan Kong Liu Fa, I have spent more than a decade helping clients practice TRUE feng shui - the way it was meant to be practiced. 

Struggling to conceive is not an experience I would wish even on my biggest enemy. The ups and downs, the tricky balance of wanting to maximize hope yet minimize disappointment each and every month is a lot for a person to go through. 

However, my 2 daughters, my fengshui babies as I call them, are walking, breathing, living proof that what I share in my fertility mini workshops can be the missing piece of your fertility puzzle.


Not only that, I've also been able to help my feng shui clients to FINALLY meet their longed-for baby as well, after many years of trying. 

The reason for this astonishing turn of events for me and my fertility clients?

The discovery I'm going to share with you in this upcoming mini workshop!

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Boost Fertility Qi With Feng Shui

Get In Today For Only 1 payment of USD39 ( value of USD699 )